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What Does a Geek Look Like?

Someone recently posed the following question in one of my Facebook Groups:

I’m working on a fun article around National Geek Pride Day… I’d appreciate your thoughts to crowd source the piece: In 2019, what does a “Geek” look like? For instance, in the mid-1900s, it would have been a pocket protector with mechanical pencils and tape on the bridge of someone’s eyeglasses. What’s the modern version? How can you tell if someone’s a geek today?

My response:

I can of course expand on this, but here’s a quick response. While there are stereotypes for what a geek looks like, in reality, they/we look like everyone else. Anyone can be a geek about something. A geek is just someone who is passionate about something, and generally (not always) loves to share that passion with others with similar interests.

Since there is an entire world of interests and fandoms, I would hesitate to pin down to any one definition of what a geek looks like. While there are comic book geeks, and anime geeks, and Star Trek geeks, and board game geeks, there are also car geeks, and sports geeks, and music geeks, and on and on. I know we have some data and analytics nerds in the group here!

I share a few more thoughts in this post: What It Means to be a Geek. ????

How would you respond to the question?

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