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Greetings, true believers and Kansas City geeks! Welcome to KC Geeks, Kansas City’s hub of geek culture. This site is the home of lists of Kansas City comic book stores, geek conventions in the Kansas City area, and a local geek event calendar. We also feature profiles of various meetup and interest groups in the area. There is so much to see, do, experience and love about geeking out in Kansas City!

I am your host, Angie. I started on my geek path early, watching episodes of the original Star Trek series with my dad. While I love providing resources for all varieties of fandoms and geekery, geekcrafting is my true passion. I am a regular contributor at GeekCrafts, and the author of The Star Trek Craft Book, as well as chief maker at my geek-inspired Etsy shop, G33kGirlCreative. You can find me online here at KC Geeks, and on Twitter (@kcgeeks and @angiepedersen), and on Instagram (@kcgeeks and @angiepedersen).

I’m really excited to offer information and resources to further the mission of KC Geeks: to promote and nurture geek culture in Kansas City. Join me for the adventure, won’t you?

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