Superhero Podcast: Holding Out for a Screen Hero

Ever wonder “What if Iron Man died at the end of the first Avengers film?” So do the guys at Screen Heroes, a Kansas City superhero podcast, which focuses on heroes depicted on TV and in movies. These days there’s plenty to talk about! Read on to find out why their Marvel Versus DC battles was one of their most popular episodes.

The Kansas City superhero podcast Screen Heroes discusses TV and movie superheroes, and much more. Read about them on

What is the name of your podcast?

Screen Heroes

What is your name and what is your role in the podcast?

Derreck Mayer: Producer, Co-Host, and Editor

How would you describe your superhero podcast?

We focus on heroes depicted on TV and in movies. This tends to lean towards superheroes like DC and Marvel but we also cover fandoms like Ghostbusters, TMNT, and we even did an episode dedicated to David Bowie when he passed.

When was the podcast launched?

Our first episode premiered December 2nd, 2015.

What made you want to launch a superhero podcast?

My co-hosts, Rae and Ryan, and I have worked on podcasts together previously and this was our first chance to really create something new, from scratch as a team.

How often do you publish shows?

We release new episodes every Wednesday morning and we live stream our recordings on Twitch either Monday or Tuesday nights.

What do you discuss in your shows?

We review movies and trailers, compared franchise incarnations over time, discuss possible plot points and character development, pose ‘What If” scenarios for major franchises like “What if Iron Man died at the end of the first Avengers film?”, and we debate in our Versus segment.

How long are your shows?

Episodes range from 50-70 minutes but we try to keep them under an hour on a regular basis.

What makes your superhero podcast unique?

The three hosts are all very passionate about the project and the fandoms we discuss. We bring passionate guests in when we can and try to keep up to date, discussing relevant topics. Our goal is to provide three different perspectives covering varies fan bases in hopes to generate conversation with our listeners. The great thing is that there is something for everyone. If you don’t care for the topic one week, maybe you’ll like next week’s.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in your show.

In Ep. 13 we hosted our first Versus battle. Ryan and I got assigned Marvel and DC respectively and random drew pairs and had to defend our character on why they would win the battle.

The great part was that our listeners\viewers who joined us live on Twitch were able to vote and help determine a winner. The voting process was a lot of fun because viewers could ask questions live and we had to think on our feet and respond. It was our most engaging episode yet and I think it turns out to be a lot of fun, even though things might have got heated once or twice.

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?

I’m a huge Trekkie. So, I listen to a lot of, specifically their Voyager themed series “To the Journey“.

What future plans lay ahead for your show?

We will continue to live stream our recordings but we are hoping to do some episodes onsite at conventions and movie events. We are also hoping to get some more regular guests to join us to help spice things up. You never know who might be on next!

As more of a far off goal, we hope to create a podcast network. We have some ideas for more specific podcasts, so stay tuned for those!

Where can someone find more information about your superhero podcast?

Screen Heroes is hosted by Heroes Podcast Network. So there’s a lot of ways to reach us, especially if you are looking for more than just a podcast. We also have articles and videos. Find and follow us at

Anything else you’d like to share?

We are always looking to engage people in conversation. Please don’t hesitate to hit us up anywhere you can find us online. Have an idea for a podcast episode or other piece of content? Just let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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