Boldly Preparing for the Promising Future

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“Knowledge equals profit.”
– 74th Rule of Acquisition

I’ve been fascinated with the future since I was a kid. I grew up watching reruns of “Star Trek” with my dad, as well as “Star Wars,” “Back to the Future,” and “Logan’s Run.” I even frequently played out scenes from “Battlestar Galactica” (first generation) at recess. (Perhaps I’m dating myself a bit with these references….)

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Money, Online 401k Management in the Future

Money didn’t play a huge role in a lot of these futuristic societies, though you did often see Starbuck racking up cubits at the poker table. And Quark, like any good Ferengi, was obsessed with amassing gold-pressed latinum. Pretty much all the stories were about making it through the crisis situation of the moment. (Pesky Klingons and Cylons!)

I wonder if Quark, the owner of Quark’s Bar on Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine space station, ever thought about the future and planned for his golden years? Or was he more focused on that week’s take from the Dabo tables? With a little simple planning and a good 401k analyzer, he could build a nice nest egg and let it blooom into an optimized savings strategy for his future (see what I did there?).

Did you know that the average life expectancy of a Ferengi is up to 300 years? That’s a lot of “golden years” to save for! To make the math easy, let’s say Quark’s life savings was one hundred bricks of latinum. And he wanted to retire at age 200. Will that life savings be enough to keep him away from having to hit the Dabo tables just to make ends meet? That’s a risky gamble for an entrepreneur to make with one’s future.

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Are you making a similar gamble? You can check out blooom’s online 401k calculator to see how you measure up in your current situation.

Life Moves From One “Red Alert” To Another

Many of us live our lives like those sci-fi stories today — managing from one crisis to the next. A new set of tires for the car, braces for your oldest kid, getting laid off… all of it eats into savings, assuming you have some.

Not to mention, a common element in many of these futuristic societies, especially Star Trek, is that much of human disease has been eradicated, or could be cured with a quick trip to Sick Bay. Unfortunately that’s not yet the case in today’s society. One health crisis, whether yours or a loved one’s, can completely blast away any savings. And then it could put you in a black hole for future savings.

Most sci-fi stories never address these kind of logistics or issues. Fortunately, there’s blooom’s 401k management service or its recently launched personal financial advice service to handle those mental gymnastics. And, if you think about it, with its automated algorithm that analyzes your existing employer-sponsored retirement account and gives you feedback – that sounds pretty futuristic to me.

With the online 401k service, blooom’s financial advisors can help you look into your own future and dodge the asteroids of hidden fees, making sure you can set a course to reach the destination of your dreams (perhaps with a side trip or two to the pleasure planet of your choice).

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