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One thing about role playing games (RPG), they’re kind of hard to play by yourself. I mean, you can’t be both character and DM! It’s much more effective (and fun!) to play with a group. The Role-Players Guild of Kansas City (RPGKC) provides many opportunities for that. Read on to find out about the monthly RPG Game Days and annual GameFest.

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What is the name of your RPG group?

Role-Players Guild of Kansas City

What is your name and what is your role in the group?

Brad Kelley, and I am 2016’s Castellan. In that position I am essentially the vice president but my core responsibilities are organizing our annual convention, Midwest GameFest.

How would you describe your Kansas City RPG group?

The Role-Players Guild of Kansas City (RPGKC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing gaming in Kansas City and the surrounding areas since 1990. One of the largest game clubs in the Midwest, we maintain relations with many game companies, industry luminaries, local game shops, and Midwest gaming groups.

We play mainly roleplaying games and board games, along with some miniatures, card games and LARPs. Our members play at Guild-hosted events and often arrange their own game sessions. The majority of our members reside in the Kansas City metro area, with some located across the nation. New players welcome!

When was the group founded?


What made you want to join the group?

I’ve been a member for 3 years. I enjoyed attending KC Game Fair so much that I wanted to get involved and help out. That convention is now known as Midwest GameFest, and I am a principle organizer.

How big is the group?   

Paid membership is around 100 members and our Meetup group has 1000+.

How often do you meet?

Monthly online business meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, and monthly in-person Game Days at local game stores the second Saturday of each month.

Where do you meet?

Our business meetings use, and our monthly Game Days visit a different game store each month. Visit for details!

What do you do at meetings/events?

Our monthly Game Days are for tabletop board games and role-playing games. There are scheduled slots for morning, afternoon, and evening each month.

What do you love about this Kansas City RPG group?

Gaming! Great place to meet friends and express your inner (or outer) geek.

Where can someone find more information about your RPG group?

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