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We are big movie fans at KC Geeks HQ. While we were courting back in the day, my husband and I would often see movies – I distinctly remember seeing “Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country” while we were in college (opening night, of course). Then before-kids, we often had movie weekends, where we would see multiple movies over two days. We don’t get out to see quite as many movies now, but still look forward to the big geek blockbusters.

After each movie, we usually recap it, going over our favorite parts, or what didn’t work for us, or even reimagining it with different actors. Patrick and Jason, on their Kansas City-based movie podcast do the same thing – every week.  Read on to find out their unique spin that makes them a little different than “movie guys doing a movie show.”

How would you remake some of your favorite movies now? Meet the hosts of the Remake Factory Hostage Situation movie podcast on!

What is the name of your movie podcast?

The Remake Factory Hostage Situation

What is your name and what is your role in the podcast?

Patrick. I’m the co-host. For what it’s worth, Jason is the other co-host.

How would you describe your movie podcast? 

The Remake Factory Hostage situation is a podcast/crime in progress starring two HOSTages being kept in a bunker under Hollywood, who are intermittently forced to rewrite and recast movies. It’s a show about movies for people who love movies. People who, when a remake is announced, think they know better than Hollywood when it comes to how to make the movie and who best to cast.

I mean, we get it. People hate remakes. But there’s some part of the human brain that also loves them. Nostalgia, safeness in the familiar – something like that. We want something new, but we don’t want something TOO new, TOO strange. But it seems all a remake can be is forgettable at best; sacrilegious, childhood-ruining at its worst.

So, we thought, “Well, the conductor is already dead, the train is already dangerously fast. How can we steer the derailment away from civilization to do as little damage as possible?” That’s what we hope to do with our movies.

When was the podcast launched?

November 30th, 2015

What made you want to launch a movie podcast?

Jason and I both played this game in college, sitting in our dorm rooms. “Cast ‘Back to the Future’ today.” “Cast ‘Ghostbusters'”

In the past couple of years, we kept talking about doing the show, but it was always one of those “”we should”” kind of things. Then I think once we both turned 30, the inevitability of death and the unending creep of time placed in us a fear of our own mortalities and we just said, “F*** it, let’s do it.”

How often do you publish shows?

Every Thursday

What do you discuss in your shows?

After our nameless captors tell us what movie we’ll be doing through a Teletype machine, we talk about the original and then work up a modern take. Both of us beforehand line up a cast of modern actors we think would work best in the roles, bring those to the show and debate about our picks. Once we agree, we shoot our treatment up the pneumatic tube back to the surface.

How would you remake some of your favorite movies now? Meet the hosts of the Remake Factory Hostage Situation movie podcast on!

Sometimes we read listener mail on air. People send in their ideas about past casts. We have a game where Jason has to connect the original actor to the remake actor a la Six Degrees. It’s all pretty much improvised from start to finish.

We also have contests we do with our social media. We play games with our audience, and they can win prizes (usually a signed can of Double Luck peas).

How would you remake some of your favorite movies now? Meet the hosts of the Remake Factory Hostage Situation movie podcast on!

How long are your shows?

Usually around 90 minutes, give or take

What do you love about your movie podcast? What makes it unique?

We’ve always been movie people. But since we’re on a weekly schedule, it’s forced us to look at movies a whole new way. The show is about remakes, yes, but it also turns movie watching into an academic endeavor.

Why is this character the way he is? How can this be modernized? Are there changes in society that would render the plot impossible? How can we make OUR movie its own thing, while still keeping the spirit of the original? Which, is what I assume actual Hollywood screenwriters have to think about.

It’s also introduced us to movies we would have never seen, much less heard of. Weird British disaster films from the 60’s. 70’s thrillers cashing in on the “JAWS” hype. Just all over the board when it comes to decades and genres. It’s always super fun finding hidden gems that no one really talks about. At the same time, it’s great breaking down a “classic” and talking about what makes it sacred.

On top of all that, it’s fun for us to have added in the fiction of the bunker. It makes us a little different than “movie guys doing a movie show” and gives us a chance to really play with things that can happen down there, or the creative hurdle of having guests on the show.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in your show.

There have been impassioned speeches from both of us about WHY an actor would be best suited for a role. Arguing on the show is way more fun than, “Yeah, that’s good. Ok, next.” Like when I fought for what felt like an eternity arguing that Bill Murray would make a better dying sharpshooter than Tommy Lee Jones in a remake of John Wayne’s “The Shootist.”

It’s also, super great when lightning strikes one of us, and we get some perfect idea about a plot or casting. We get all excited and it’s like gas on the fire.

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?

We’re both big fans of, “My Brother, My Brother, and Me” and “The Adventure Zone.” Jason’s way more into political and history podcasts. I listen to mostly movie stuff: “How Did This Get Made,” “Doug Loves Movies,” that kind of thing.

What future plans lay ahead for your show?

We’re always looking for ways to grow. We’re lining things up soon to do a live show. Watching the original with the audience, then record the show with them after. Hopefully with audience casting choices, as well.

But yeah, over this first year, we’ve had some great response and feedback from fans, and are really starting to see the momentum pick up. It feels really cool when we meet people at Planet Comicon who know our show. It makes it worth it.

Where can someone find more information about your movie podcast?

What’s something you love about Kansas City?

The growing pop culture scene in the past decade or so has been pretty rad. The Screenland theaters seem to have started a movement that grew into barcades, an Alamo Drafthouse, more movie fests, comic cons. A comedy scene. An art scene. It’s all pretty inspiring.

Anything else you’d like to share?


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