How Big is Your Platform?

One feature I’ve come to enjoy about KC Geeks is featuring podcasters – they’re all so passionate about their topic, whether it be traditionally “geeky” or not. We’re all geeks about something. Take Shane Purnell, for example. He loves helping people define and expand their brand and visibility platform. I met him when he spoke at a WordPress KC meetup, and the guy knows his stuff. Read on to find out what he thinks is essential to carving out your platform.

Kansas City-based The Platform Giant podcast helps people gain visibility online. Meet host Shane Purnell and learn how on

What is the name of your podcast?

The Platform Giant Show

How did you come up with the name for your show?

The show pulls its meaning from two popular uses of the word “platform.” A platform is both something a speaker stands on to deliver a message; it’s also a term used when talking about gaining visibility online. I wanted to help people gain visibility both online and in real life and what’s more visible in a crowd than a giant.

What is your name and what is your role in the podcast?

My name is Shane Purnell and I am the writer, producer and host of the show. I also book the guests and make the coffee.

Who is your audience?

I speak to professionals, business owners and anyone who wants to gain visibility for their message.

When was the podcast launched?

I launched the podcast in October of 2014 but I really didn’t get going until 2015.

What made you want to launch the podcast?

This was my second podcast. The one before this one only lasted about 16 episodes. I really didn’t have a plan. I did it to prove to myself I could do it.

After that podcast “podfaded”, I took a few months to think about what I really wanted to say. I thought about what interested me and what I knew about. I wanted to do a podcast that would be help others. I love speaking and I love technology so I thought a podcast that merged the concepts of platform would be a good way to go.

How often do you publish shows?

I’ve toyed with different release cycles. When I first launched I was publishing every other week. This year I decided to do it every week. Doing it every week is great but, it’s too much for me to maintain so recently I’ve backed off. Longevity in podcasting is about committing to longevity. You have to find a schedule that’s right for you and do your best to stick to it.

What do you discuss in your shows?

We cover topics around building a platform for yourself. We talk about the different publication channels you can use, how to build authority, the importance of building relationships, creating influence and leadership. It sounds like a lot of different things but it’s really tied together by a concept called C.A.R.V.E. which stands for Channels, Accomplishments, Relationships, Visibility and Evidence. Those are foundational concepts to building a platform.

How long are your shows?

We try to keep the podcast 30 minutes or less. We’re usually in the 25-30 minute range. I made that decision 6 months in because I try to respect my listeners schedule. It’s pretty presumptuous to think you’re the only podcast someone is listening to. I’d rather have someone complaining that my shows aren’t long enough than abandoning them 40 minutes in because they’ve had enough.

What do you love about podcasting/your show?

The two things I love most about podcasting are sharing what I’m learning with my audience and getting to meet new and interesting people. When you do an interview show, you get to meet a ton of cool people who have wonderful, interesting ideas and stories. Those people don’t leave my life after the interview. I stay in touch with a lot of them. They become part of the show and of what I’m doing. I’ve never found anything quite like it.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in your show.

They say if you do a podcast, eventually you will encounter technical problems. I used to wonder how that was possible; I never had problems. Recently however, I tried to do an interview that had to be rescheduled 5 times because of a buzz sound in the Skype channel. I suppose we could have ignored it and just put the interview out, but both of us wanted to do the best possible show we could. Eventually we were able to get a relatively clear connection and get the show out. It wasn’t fun, but it was memorable.

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?

I’m a podcast fanatic, I usually have 25 or 30 podcast on my device and I’m usually listening to 2 or 3 a day. Here are some of my favorites:

  • The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
  • The Brand New You Show with Ryan Rhoten
  • The Feed – A podcast about podcasting from Libsyn
  • Authority Self-Publishing
  • Baby Got Booked
  • Story Brand with Donald Miller
  • The Business of Story
  • The Missing Link – A podcast about LinkedIn
  • The Owner’s Mind with Chris Brogan
  • Read to Lead with Jeff Brown
  • The Science of Social Media- from Buffer
  • The Speaker Lab with Grant Baldwin
  • Serial

What future plans lay ahead for your show?

The first immediate goal is to get to 100 shows. After 100, I’ll evaluate where the show is and if we should keep going in the direction we’ve been going or do something new.

Where can someone find more information about your podcast?

What’s something you love about Kansas City?

The obvious answers are The Royals, The Chiefs and Barbeque, but I’ve love discovering all of the great restaurants and bars we have here. Any place that has great atmosphere for great conversation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: What are some Kansas City-based podcasts that you listen to? Give them a shoutout in a comment below, and they may be featured in a future post!

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