Planet Comicon Kansas City: Panels & Geek Swag!

This year for Planet Comicon Kansas City, I’m taking a bit of a different approach. Usually I spend most of my time at cons walking the show floor, checking out all the many goodies and catching up with friends. That’s all well and good, of course, but I usually wind up kicking myself after because I missed out on great panel discussions. With this year’s Planet celebrity lineup, I’m not making that mistake!

This week I sat down with the show program to choose my show itinerary – so many great panels overlap in one way or another, I had to make some tough decisions. Read on to find out where you can find me – and why you definitely want to!

KC Geeks swag - buttons and stickers for geeks from

When I’m not at a panel, I’ll likely be on the show floor, drooling over goodies, and chatting with people. Also new for this year…GEEK SWAG!

I have a limited number of 1.25″ pins and 1″ stickers (pictured above) to hand out to those who ask. The key is finding me, so see below and come introduce yourself, whether at a panel or at a booth! I will have some sort of KC Geeks ware on each day, but this bag should be easiest to spot:

KC Geeks messenger bag and nametag - customized through

There is a catch. If I give you a button or sticker, you have to tell someone at the show about, and what a FANTASTIC resource it is for all things geeky in Kansas City. It’s not like you’ll be lying.

I will be live Tweeting where I am on the vendor floor and for how long, so be sure to watch Twitter for the heads up.

Friday April 28

11am-12p Opening Ceremonies & Press Conference: Word is there will be a big reveal here, so try not to miss it!
12-1pm SWAG TIME! Vendor Floor
1-2pm SciFi 4 Me: Comics in KC
2-3pm SWAG TIME! Vendor Floor
3-3:30pm The Writers Room
3:30-5pm Billie Piper
5-6pm Felicia Day
6:30-??? SWAG TIME: Party on the Barney

 Saturday April 29

10:30-11:30am Worst.Comic.Podcast.EVER! Live! Recording Episode 150!!
12-1pm John Barrowman
1-2pm Summer Glau
2:30-3:30pm GoComics Bill Amend & Stephan Pastis
3:30-5pm DC Comics: From Page to Screen
5-6pm Do You Want to Start a Podcast?
6-6:30 SWAG TIME! Vendor Floor
9pm-?? SWAG TIME! Elite Comics After Party

Sunday April 30

11a-12pm Ron Perlman
12-1pm Wil Wheaton
1-2pm Chris Claremont
2-3pm How to Be a Nerd for a Living
3-5pm SWAG TIME! Vendor Floor

Will I see you at any of the same panels? Chime in with a comment! will be at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017 - come get your geek swag!

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