Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017 recap!

Whew! Planet Comicon 2017 was QUITE a weekend! The three days blew by in a blur, but fortunately between my husband and I, we took nearly 300 pictures, so we can prove it happened!

Planet Comicon 2017 recap - read highlights on!

Planet Comicon 2017 highlights

  • The pre-show Geek Trivia Showdown on Thursday night. Ariel and team did an amazing job putting all the questions together, and keeping everything organized. Maybe 60 people were there, and my team – Full Frontal Nerdity – was tied for first through hours of nerd minutiae… riiiiiiight up till the end, where all teams got to wager points on a final question about Pokemon Go. That ended our road to glory, but we had a BLAST and hope they do it again next year.
  • Hanging out with the Worst.Comic.Podcast.EVER! guys, Jerry, John, and Cullen. They were the first podcast I featured here on the site, and I pretty much drop everything any time I get a chance to see them. It was an added bonus that Cullen was in from Portland for the event.
    • Attending the WCPE 150th podcast episode panel – so happy for them for this accomplishment! I podfaded after just six episodes!
  • Meeting KC native David Dastmalchian after the Opening Ceremonies. He grew up in Overland Park, attended Shawnee Mission South, and visited Clint’s Comics South frequently. See the video below for more!
  • The John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Arrow)  panel/Q&A did NOT disappoint. Hands down my favorite panel at the con. The man puts on a one-man show! So much so that I created a separate Facebook photo album of his entrance. He literally brought the house down, while wearing a TARDIS dress and leggings!
  • Another favorite panel/Q&A was Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy). His foul-mouthed sense of humor kept everyone in the crowd howling.
  • Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day‘s panels were also awesome, with packed houses. It was interesting to hear about their current projects, some of which overlap.
    • I got to ask Felicia Day what she geeks out about, and she said, history, interior design and boobs (it’s not weird – she’s currently breastfeeding, and always researching best practices).
  • Live Tweeting from most of the panels I attended. Quite a few quotable quips that I plan to share in future posts via Storify, but you can also see my KCGeeks Twitter stream.
  • TWO social media wins – Ron Perlman and Michael Rowe (Deadshot on Arrow) BOTH retweeted me TWICE.

One-question interview with actor David Dastmalchian

A few photos:

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More photos:

I’d like to know – what were some of YOUR highlights from the con? Share them in a comment below!


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