Maker Faire Kansas City 2017 Recap

I’ve lost count of how many Maker Faires I’ve attended here in Kansas City, but each one continues to delight and surprise. Billed as “a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do,” Maker Faire Kansas City has been enticing thousands to Union Station for a number of years, to see this “family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.” Read on for highlights.

Angie Pedersen of at Maker Faire Kansas City 2017

As I mentioned, I’ve been to Kansas City’s Maker Faire several times. The first year I’d say was dominated by 3D printing technology – it seemed every other booth was demonstrating different features and applications. We didn’t see nearly as much 3D printing focus this year, though it was still around.

As always, there was such a wide variety of projects and displays, from Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, to carpenters, to cosplay artists, to STEM education programs. Some of my favorites:

  • building room-size forts out of PVC pipe and bedsheets
  • lock picking tutorials
  • a “Pringle” climbing wall in the kids’ area
  • the Tesla coil music – wisely moved outside this year!
  • Giant Cardboard Robots
  • roaming cosplayers
  • an impromptu concert from Clearly Guilty, singing “Bad Nerd
  • a woman coming up to me saying, “I follow you on everything!” 🙂

I took a ton of pictures – here are some highlights:

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