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As I have attended various geek events around Kansas City, I have discovered the active comic artist/creator community here in town. We have comic artists, writers, inkers, and more – all right here in our backyard! To help spread awareness of all the talent and awesomeness of Kansas City comic creators, I am starting a new series of posts call – wait for it – KC Creators! Comic book artist/writer Jordan Kroeger gets us started.

Kansas City comic book artist & writer Jordan Kroeger - read about his work on KCGeeks.com.

Please introduce yourself.

Hey, I’m Kansas City artist Jordan Kroeger. I’m a comic-obsessed geek who creates self-published comics.

When did you first become interested in art/writing?

I’ve been interested in drawing and making little comics since before I can remember. I started taking it more seriously about 5 years ago.

How would you describe your art style?

My art is a controlled chaos. I keep everything fluid and energetic. You’d be hardpressed to find a straight line anywhere.

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When did you begin working professionally in your field?

Hopefully soon!

What projects have you been involved in, and what are you working on now?

I’ve been apart of a few smaller books and anthologies, but I’m mostly known for, and am currently working on, my crazy self-published sci-fi action comic called “The Fist.”

Tell us about “The Fist” – what’s it about, and what inspired you to create it?

“The Fist” is about a man who was born to punch stuff, and the woman/spaceship who loves him. They’re on the run from the government who created them and enter a fighting tournament along the way. It’s a crazy dumb time.

What do you love about creating?

It’s fun for me. Every line I make is an experiment. I like figuring out new techniques to convey what I’m trying to get out of my head and onto the page.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Everywhere. I’m always taking in new media, where there’s always inspiration, but there’s probably more worth from being out in the world and experiencing different things.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in your professional life.

Anytime somebody new checks out my comics and it gets a smile out of them is always great.

What future plans lay ahead for you?

More from “The Fist” soon. I’ll do a kickstarter later this year for a big collected edition. Then I have another book in my head, waiting to get drawn.

How long have you lived in Kansas City, and what’s something you love about living here?

I’ve always been close by Kansas City, and have lived in mid-town for 6 years. I love the art scene, the museums, the parks, and most importantly, the barbeque.

Where can someone find more information about your work?

Know a Kansas City comic book or other geek creator I should feature? Leave a comment below, or contact me!

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