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My husband is an indie fantasy-adventure author, and attends multiple cons throughout the year to promote his books. One event he regularly attends is ConQuesT, a local Kansas City con that is hosted by the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (aka KaCSFFS). I recently caught up with their Communications Officer to learn a bit more about the group.

What is the name of your group?

Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Inc. (KaCSFFS)

What is your name and what is your role in the group?

Jan Sherrell Gephardt, KaCSFFS Communications Officer

How would you describe your group?

We are a club for fans of science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, and horror. We meet monthly to discuss topics in our areas of interest and events in local fandom, and we sponsor an annual convention, ConQuesT, on Memorial Day weekend.

When was the group founded?


How long have you been a member?

Off and on since 1981. My current membership has been continuous since 2009.

How big is the group?                   

In recent years our membership has run from 60-90 dues-paid members. Attendance at individual meetings varies, but usually runs from 25 to 60.

How often do you meet?

Every month (with maybe 2-3 exceptions due to weather) since 1971

Where do you meet?

The Writers Place in Kansas City, MO

What do you do at meetings/events?

There is usually an open Board meeting, a short business meeting for the general membership, and a program event of some sort. We’ve hosted speakers, readings, book sales, art displays, and many other programs of interest to our members.

What do you love about the group?

There are a lot of creative people involved in KaCSFFS, and many of them have spent decades in science fiction/fantasy fandom. They know ALL the good stories! A significant minority of our members also are professional or semiprofessional writers and artists in the sf/f field.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in the group.

Just within the past year, we’ve had a top-notch art display from one member’s extensive collection, readings of recent works by local authors, and a presentation by the R2-D2 Builders’ Club that included a fascinating presentation and display of their robots. Every month brings something new and interesting.

What future plans lay ahead for the group?

We are in the process of lining up a new set of program and outreach events.

Where can someone find more information about your group?

Check our blog, at: https://kacsffs.blogspot.com and our Facebook Page, at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kacsffs

Anything else you’d like to share?

Take a look at our ConQuesT convention website, at: https://www.conquestkc.org. Many of our members also are deeply involved in MidAmericon II, the 74th Worldcon, to be held here in Kansas City this coming August. That website is: https://midamericon2.org/

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