Kansas City Podcasts: DCTV Squadcast and Fans Without Borders

In this post, you get a two-fer. I met Brent Clark via social media, and learned he is co-host of not one, but two geeky podcasts based out of Kansas City! Read on to find out why their official motto is “It’s okay to like them all.”

Read about DCTV Squadcast and Fans Without Borders, two Kansas City podcasts, on KCGeeks.com!

What are the names of your podcasts?

DCTV Squadcast
Fans Without Borders

How did you come up with the names for your shows?

We are part of the Suicide Squadcast Network. DCTV Squadcast was first and the name was derived from that. Fans Without Borders was created as a way to let us branch out to wider topics.

What is your name and what is your role in the podcast? Who else is involved?

My name is Brent Clark. For both shows I am a co-host as well as the producer. My co-host is Ray Smith of www.theflitecast.com.

How would you describe your podcasts?

DCTV: This is a show focused largely on what we refer to as the DCCW – meaning the DC comics shows on the CW network such as Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Our audience is mainly comprised of fans of the DCCW.

Fans: This is where we talk about anything else in the comic and geek world. We mainly focus on Marvel, DC, Star Wars and Star Trek. Our audience for this show is much more broad.

When were the podcasts launched?

DCTV: August of 2016
Fans: June 2017

What made you want to launch the podcasts?

I had been the third member (aka occasional fill-in) on The Suicide Squadcast. When we decided to expand, we wanted my main show to be focused on the TV properties. I love comics and movies, but I have a real passion for television, specifically the DCCW.

When the 2016/2017 TV season ended (Arrow season 5, for a reference point) we wanted to continue podcasting over the summer but knew that there wasn’t enough content for DCTV Squadcast. We settled on Fans and actually had decided to continue with Fans, letting DCTV go. A last minute change of mind resulted in us continuing both shows.

How often do you publish shows?

Weekly. The goal is to publish DCTV Monday mornings and Fans on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

What do you discuss in your shows?

DCTV: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow. We will also cover Black Lightning.

Fans: Coming up we will review Thor: Ragnorak, Justice League, plus The Punisher Netflix series. In December we will review Star Wars: The Last Jedi as well.

How long are your shows?

While they do vary in length, we try to keep them to around 45 minutes.

What equipment and software do you use to produce your show?

I use a Blue Yeti microphone with a 13 inch MacBook Air. I record with Audacity. I looked at other programs and found Audacity worked for my needs. We record in what’s called a Double-Ender, meaning we each record our side of the conversation and I edit them together. This allows for better quality than if I used Ray’s Skype track. I do record that however, as a backup.

I have moved away from editing in Audacity however. A couple months ago I transitioned to editing with my 10.5 inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the app Ferrite. While I believe the quality of the show’s production hasn’t changed (and is arguably better), the process has sped up considerably. Frankly, as someone who loves working on an iPad, it’s more fun to edit now. Below is a screenshot of what Ferrite looks like from when I was editing Fans Without Borders episode 21.

Ferrite audio editing screenshot - learning more about Kansas City podcasts at KCGeeks.com!

What do you love about your show?

Really we just try to remain positive. That doesn’t mean we refuse to point out things we don’t like, but we try not to dwell on them. We also try to avoid the serious and hateful rivalry that come up, such as Marvel vs DC. Sure, it’s fine to have preferences and even to have friendly debates. But our official motto is “It’s okay to like them all”. We get lots of questions about various properties and typically those are my favorite parts of the episodes.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in your show.

Before we officially started recording episode 12 of Fans, my co-host Ray told me a story of a time he fell into a Marvel vs DC debate… which hit every one of his buttons, in a way I couldn’t help but crack up. We had started our recording already, so I released it as a bonus episode and have gotten tons of comments on it. That was a bonus for episode 12.

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?

I’m a massive podcast fan. I drive a lot for work and as a result, I have a lot of time to consume podcasts. Of course I listen to the other shows on our network, The Suicide Squadcast and DC Comics Squadcast, but some that I also listen to:

  • My absolutely favorite show is Hello Internet
  • For Apple talk I’m a huge fan of the network of shows at Relay.FM
  • For geekier topics, I like Supergirl TV Talk and Beer With Geeks, both found at Thought Bubble Audio

The last time I counted, I’m subscribed to over 50 shows, and I have a few more I’m trying out. Of those 50 I’ll estimate that 40 of them I listen to every episode. The others are topic dependent. I use the iOS app Overcast to listen, which allows me to speed up the playback while maintaining high quality sound. I typically listen to shows at a little over 2x speed.

Where can someone find more information about your podcast?

What’s something you love about Kansas City?

Planet Comicon. The first time I went it was much smaller, and it has blown up into this truly wonderful event and is my favorite weekend of the year.

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