Kansas City Geek Gift Guide 2017!

Welcome to my 2nd annual Kansas City Geek Gift Guide, with the latest geek gift ideas. These items are perfect either for the geek(s) in your life, or for you to share ideas for others to give to you! Put on your favorite onesie, grab a steaming cup on butterbeer, and let’s dive in! There are more than *40* geek gift ideas below!!

Kansas City Geek Gift Giving Guide - get geek gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

I tried to source the majority of geek gift ideas from Kansas City makers, but have also thrown in some from online retailers. For those, I may receive a small commission for a sale, which helps keep KC Geeks running, at no extra cost to you. (Thanks!)

Kansas City gifts

Since this is KC Geeks, I thought I would start with a section of gifts that feature Kansas City. While not geek-related in the traditional sense, one can be a geek about Kansas City – these gift ideas are for you/that person!

Graphic designer Crystal Whitlow of CrystalWhitlowDesign has launched a line of t-shirts to help shout your love for our fair city. Love the “So in Love” tees!

Kansas City I'm So In Love tshirt - find more Kansas City gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

Elizabeth Baddeley of ColorMeKansasCity has created a fun coloring book of iconic Kansas City sites – great for kids and kids-at-heart who still love to get their color on!

Katie Barthel of DoodleStation has some lovely drawings of Kansas City landmarks in her Etsy shop, available singly as well as compiled into a beautiful watercolored calendar. As one reviewer commented, “Beautiful way to keep KC close to the heart!”

Watercolor calendar with Kansas City landmarks - find more Kansas City gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

NoCoastCreature has a whimsical take on some favorite Kansas City sites – when artist Micah Barta looks at the J.C. Nichols fountain on the Plaza, for instance, he sees a tentacled monster named Fitzgerald. The shop offers prints and kids’ tees.

Fitzgerald monster in JC Nichols fountain - find more Kansas City geek gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

My friend Duane Hallock started sharing his photography online a few years ago, and has taken some breathtaking images with fascinating perspective. They vibrantly capture not only images but also feelings and mood. You can purchase individual images from his portfolio, or read about a wall calendar option here. I got one for my mom last year and it was gorgeous!

Geek Gift Ideas from KC makers

Alexis of Honeysuckle Rose Creations creates Scrabble tile accessories inspired by a variety of fandoms, such as Game of Thrones, Avengers, anime, gaming, and more.

Game of Thrones Scrabble tile charm bracelet - find more Kansas City geek gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

I am just IN LOVE with The Sexy Knitter‘s stitch marker charm bracelets – fun, geeky, and functional! If you’re a knitter, you can remove the charms to mark your place in your knitting. If you’re not, just wear the bracelet and show off your fandom, from Wonder Woman to Harry Potter to Supernatural, and beyond!

Fancy a little geekery in the kitchen? 3D Tooling Science 3D prints cookie cutters in a variety of fandoms, from video games to Pokemon to a Vulcan Live Long and Prosper hand. Just the things to geek out your holiday baking! They can also do all kinds of 3D and laser projects, even super custom!

3D printed Vulcan cookie cutter - find more Kansas City geek gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

I know a lot of people who like to stitch patches on backpacks, computer bags, jean jackets and the like, and American Threadz has a great selection of patches with geeky references, such as “S-Mart” from Evil Dead, Rocky Horror, Invader Zim, and my personal favorite, “You’ll all be sorry when I learn how to breathe fire.” My husband now wants to learn to breathe fire.

Spike Milligan quote patch by American Threadz - find more Kansas City geek gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

Shannon at Design Kids Habitat offers a downloadable pattern to create your own kid-sized TARDIS from a cardboard washer/dryer appliance box! It’s even bigger on the inside!

Make your own kid-sized cardboard TARDIS - find more Kansas City geek gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

Speaking of the TARDIS, Michelle at BabyNomNom has a pattern to create a baby carrier with a TARDIS cover. Too cute!

Make your own TARDIS baby carrier cover - find more Kansas City geek gift ideas on KCGeeks.com!

The Kansas City chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, the KC Keepers, is doing a bake sale fundraiser featuring Harry Potter-related baked goods. They do the baking wizardry – you do the gift giving/eating. Accio Dementor Fudge Brownie! Orders close December 8th.

Check out my features on local KC Creators – many of the artists offer their art for sale, which would make a really unique gift.

I have an Etsy shop under G33kGirlCreative, where I specialize in hardy resin-coated coaster sets in a variety of fandom themes (such as Firefly, Dr. Horrible and space nebulae), as well as crochet Groot plush, and Yoda hats. There’s just a few left ready-to-ship, but there’s still time to make a custom request for coasters to best represent your fandom!

Geek gift ideas: Dr. Horrible resin-coated coasters by G33kGirlCreative, part of KC Geeks Geek Gift Guide

Kansas City Geek Gift Cards

The great thing about gift cards is that one size fits all! There are many Kansas City comic book and gaming stores, so check out the list and see what gift card options are available. Don’t forget that Elite Comics is running a Children’s Mercy Toy Drive until 12/22!

Local tabletop gaming cafe/bar Pawn & Pint has an online store with a variety of tshirts and other merch. They also offer gift cards.

Search Groupon for “SoPro Gaming” for a deal – up to 47% off a six-hour gaming session for one or two!

Kansas City Escape Rooms

How about giving an experience? Put together a group outing to one of Kansas City’s escape rooms. Several of those listed below offer Groupon deals – search “escape room” on Groupon to see the deals! Here is a partial list of options:

Online Geek Gift Ideas

My daughter suggested a shout-out to GoldieBlox because they offer non-stereotypical “girl” toys that focus on STEM. Check out their Spinning Machine, Dunk Tank, and Movie Machine construction kits! Girl power!

We just got an Apple TV device and love it. Combined with Netflix and YouTube TV, we got rid of cable.

This Limited Edition Doctor Who gift set includes a whopping 41 discs: Doctor Who Seasons 1-6, Specials, a Doctor Who comic book, and a collectible 11th doctor Sonic Screwdriver. What a Who marathon THAT would be (please invite me)!

My husband and I grew up watching the original Battlestar Galactica, of course, and also came to love the BSG reboot. Solid geek gift idea.

There are sooo many options for Trekkies – from a Blu-Ray trilogy of the reboot movies, to a box set of Next Generation seasons 1-7, to a complete box set of the entire Original Series. Not to mention the Funko Pop figures! (I pretty much want them all.)

My kids pretty much always have a standing request for Steam gift cards, which they use to buy and download video games like Skyrim, World of Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and much more. You can buy the card online, or at many retail outlets like Best Buy and WalMart.

Geek Music Soundtracks

My husband, an indie fantasy adventure author, always listens to movie soundtracks when he writes. Here are some great ones to help add some adventure to any day.

My husband starts every writing session with the Oblivion soundtrack.

Not only was Wonder Woman an amazing movie, it also has an inspirational soundtrack. Would recommend.

The Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn soundtrack is a classic, from the brilliant James Horner.

Though they bring on ALL the feels, the Firefly and Serenity soundtracks are so nostalgic and beautiful.

A friend recently played Doctor Who soundtracks during her wedding and reception and it was pretty epic. There are of course a variety of seasons to choose from.

Online Support

At Kansas City Comic Con recently, I moderated a panel on Geek and Mental Health. One key takeaway was finding support. Did you know that there is an online service that offers therapy via text message? It’s called TalkSpace, and someone I know uses it and finds it really helpful. It’s great for someone who might be anxious about talking to a therapist in person. And TalkSpace offers gift cards.

WHEW! In the holiday mood yet? What did I leave out? What’s on YOUR wishlist? Your comment below might be just the shopping inspiration some other geek needs!

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