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In a previous post, I highlighted KC Cosplay and Photography, a group of cosplayers who love to get together at conventions dressed as their favorite characters from TV, movies, books, comics, anime, and more. KCCP isn’t the only cosplay game in Kansas City, however. With thousands of local cosplayers and multiple Kansas City geek conventions, there’s plenty of cosplay love to share! Read on to learn more about another Kansas City cosplay group: Another Castle Creations!

Kansas City Cosplay - Another Castle Creations Logo

What is the name of your group?

Another Castle Creations

Who’s on your group roster?

There are 5 co-founders and members to Another Castle Creations:

  • The Walking Farnsworth -cosplayer, photographer, and public relations
  • Luna Flare – cosplayer, marketing, resident mermaid
  • Ruby Silverado – cosplayer, space outlaw
  • Krisandra Jade – cosplayer, Sith princess
  • Lydia Heartwell – cosplayer, ramen critic
Another Castle Creations Marvel at Empower CC by Chuck Mason
image credit: Chuck Mason

How would you describe your group?

Another Castle Creations was co-founded by a group of like minded cosplayers. These five wanted to share their passion for creating unique costume pieces and spread a message about acceptance and love within the cosplay community.

When was the group founded?


How long have you been cosplaying, and what made you want to found the group?

Some of our members have been participating in the cosplay community longer than others, but we all have a passion for this hobby.  That passion keeps us going and drives us to continue to create and learn.

How big is the group?                   

We have 5 members. We regularly interact with others in the cosplay and geek community.  We have had guest cosplayers join us for conventions and photoshoots to add characters to our group.

How often do you meet?

We talk daily amongst each other.  It is kind of like a hive mind thing, but the Internet is a big part of it! We sort of obsessively talk and swap ideas throughout the day in a group Gchat. Our respective jobs would probably blow a gasket if they knew how much time we spend thinking about/researching cosplay.

Where do you meet?

Daily online in a Google Hangout.  We also attend comic conventions together. And we occasionally meet in Kansas City and Lawrence. We also share a love of local restaurants and use these occasions to get together and explore new and old favorite restaurants while discussing cosplay.

What do you do at events?

We regularly discuss possible cosplay ideas.  We talk about techniques for creating the costumes we are working on and give each other advice based on personal experience and ideas.  We also talk about movies, TV shows, comics, and other interests that we may have.

What do you love about the group?

Having friends that share common interests is great.  It allows you to discuss topics of interest to everyone and build your knowledge of those topics.  Our shared passion for creating quality costumes helps us all stay motivated to continue with this hobby.  We are also able to help each other learn new techniques to continue to expand our possibilities.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in the group.

Traveling to conventions is always a memorable part of our group.  One trip included having six people staying in a small 2 bedroom apartment for several days.  Having all six people get into costume at once created fun, but manageable challenges.

What future plans lay ahead for the group?

Another Castle Creations continues to create quality costumes based on characters that we find interesting.  We will be attending several conventions in the near future.  We are Cosplay guests at some of these conventions.  If you see us, be sure to say hello!

Where can someone find more information about your group?  

EDITOR’S NOTE: What’s your favorite cosplay project? Share with the KC Geeks community with a comment below!

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