Bring Your Imagination to Life with 3D Printing (and more)!

Interested in Kansas City 3D printing? Did you know you can print small to medium size projects for FREE through the Johnson County Library? I found out about this community service through a super-secret covert it-takes-a-village Christmas present for my husband. Read on to hear about the hijinks, as well as how you can make use of the service!

Find out where you can find free Kansas City 3D printing and other Maker resources on!

My son, who is at college in New York City, wanted to get a small dagger 3D printed for my husband for Christmas. He looked into several options in NYC, but the cheapest he could find was $20, and the small item didn’t seem worth that to him.

So he mentioned it to me, and I mentioned it to my brother, who is into the Maker scene here in Kansas City. He said the Johnson County Library has a MakerSpace with Kansas City 3D printing services, and he would look into it. He emailed the MakerSpace, and connected me with a resource person there. Through a series of emails, I sent her the 3D print file for Sting, Bilbo’s Elvish shortsword. She printed it for me, and all I had to do was pick it up! No fee, no nothing. AND she took the liberty of also 3d-printing a second blade with GLOW-IN-THE-DARK filament. Dude. It was the best Christmas “shopping” trip I’d ever had.

So this gift took four people to make a reality, involving three states (NY, KS, and MO) – all so my son could finally give his dad a double geeky (Hobbit-y AND 3D printed) gift. He loved it! Great story that I love to tell.

Learn about Kansas City 3D printing and more in the Black & Veatch MakerSpace at the Johnson County Central Resource Library on

But now on to the actual resources available to YOU. The Black & Veatch MakerSpace at the Johnson County Central Resource Library offers a variety of Maker-y type services, not just limited to Kansas City 3D printing – all free, though you should reserve them to assure your timeslot.

They even offer a MakerSpace Beginner’s Night to get you started – I do believe I will be attending!

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the Hammerspace Community Workshop – they also offer many of the same resources, included with a monthly membership fee. Hammerspace hosts a weekly Open House Night on Thursdays to let you see all that they have to offer. That event is included on our Kansas City Geek Event Calendar. They are also hosting several cosplay workshops in March, sponsored by Planet Comicon. Check the Hammerspace calendar for details.

SO! What would you use MakerSpace resources and facilities to create? Share your Maker-y imaginings with a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Bring Your Imagination to Life with 3D Printing (and more)!”

    1. Hi Hudson,
      I don’t work at the MakerSpace, but when I toured it, I do believe I remember them having different filament colors to use. I don’t think it had the capability to print multicolor at the same time – just one color at a time. I suggest you give them a call to verify what they can do.

      Happy making!

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