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Haunted Kansas City: Top Spooky Things to Do in KC

Did you know there is a large and avid horror aficionado community in Kansas City? From the KC Horror Club to Crypticon, there is pretty much always something going on for those who love the spooky and scary. And October is prime fright time. Below I have gathered some top things to do in Kansas City to scare yourself silly.

To get things rolling, I talked to my friend Jenius McGee, local horror aficionado, President of the Kansas City Horror Club, Co-host of 3 podcasts: Nerds of Nostalgia, Nightmare Junkhead, and Media Rewind, and host of various screenings at Alamo Drafthouse and Screenland Tapcade. He definitely had some thoughts to share about Halloween in Kansas City!

What are your favorite KC haunted houses and why?

I enjoy them all. In my younger days, I worked at The Beast. So from behind the scenes to the end of the line, I’ve been a fan of them for a long time. I thoroughly love the ones in the Bottoms AND Worlds of Fun’s Halloween Haunt. I like the bigger established ones. They have great attention to detail and very well designed scary rooms.

But sets and scenes aside, what makes or breaks a haunted house are the actors. If the actors are not having fun (or too much fun) it can ruin the experience for the people who are just looking for some Halloween shenanigans. Also, as an haunted house patron, be cool to the actors, because, like in life, you will get nowhere by being a grade A jerk.

Beyond haunted houses, what else is there to do to celebrate and embrace spookiness in KC?

I love KC. KC is a halloween town. Beside the haunted Houses, there is a bevy of horror/halloween things to do. Screenland Tapcade and Armour has Shockotber, where they have a horror movie screening every night in October. Alamo Drafthouse also has a great Halloween line up. In fact, (shameless plug time) on Oct 19, at Tapcade is Nerdoween, which I and my podcating partner Greg, host 3 mystery horror movies. Then the next day at Alamo, we’re hosting Dismember the Alamo, which is 4(!) mystery horror movies!

There are also Halloween-themed paint and drink nights, Horror trivia nights, Louisburg Cider Mill is embracing the season and is a must-stop in my fall calendar. There are hayride at various farms and pumpkin patches. The Deanna Rose farmstead is gearing up for Halloween. There is also a lot of Dia de los Muertos celebrations going on not only on the Kansas side but at the Nelson Atkins. All this and that’s not including halloween parties, dances, concerts. You can throw a dart at a map of Kansas City and hit something that’s in line with and celebrating the season. KC is a halloween town!!

I love how involved Jenius is in the horror community in KC – if corpses had pulses, he’d have his finger on it!

With those insights, now on to the resources! Here’s where you can check out all the spooky fun Jenius mentioned!

Kansas City Haunted Houses

There is no shortage of haunted houses in Kansas City – some even refer to KC as “The Haunted House Capitol of the World.” A number have been around for decades – I remember going when I was in high school, and that was some time ago!

Kansas City Ghost Tours

Kansas City has a long history, and some of its oldest citizens still pop up from time to time. Many historical sites offer ghost tours, including paranormal investigation opportunities.

Movie Screenings & Plays – updated for 2019!

Several local theaters are taking advantage of the spooky time of year to host special screenings of horror and Halloween classics.

  • Terror Tuesdays – Alamo Drafthouse
  • 9/22: Hocus Pocus – Grinders Pizza
  • 10/1: Night of the Living Dead – Screenland Armour
  • 10/2: Army of Darkness – Screenland
  • 10/4: House of 1000 Corpses/The Devil’s Reject Double Feature – Screenland
  • 10/4: The Blob – Tapcade
  • 10/5: Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Screenland
  • 10/6: Walking Dead Premiere Party – Screenland
  • 10/6: Freaks (1932) – Tapcade
  • 10/10: The Addams Family Premiere Party – Screenland
  • 10/10: Tammy and the T-Rex Uncut and Remastered – Screenland
  • 10/10: Nosferatu – Tapcade
  • 10/10: Nocturna – Stray Cat Film Center
  • 10/11: Hausu – Tapcade
  • 10/12: 20th Anniversary of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow – Screenland
  • 10/12: Warlock – Tapcade
  • 10/12: HÄXAN : Witchcraft Through The Ages 1922 Film – Downbeat Coffee & Tea
  • 10/13: Coraline – Screenland
  • 10/13: Cat People – Tapcade
  • 10/14: The Tingler (60th Anniversary) – Tapcade
  • 10/15: Horror Roulette: Slashers – Screenland
  • 10/16: Hocus Pocus – Grinders Pizza
  • 10/17: Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator – Screenland
  • 10/19: Rec (2007) – Tapcade
  • 10/20: The Driller Killer – Tapcade
  • 10/21: Monday Mystery Movie Night: Halloween Edition – Tapcade
  • 10/22: Phantasm – Alamo Drafthouse
  • 10/22: Local horror short films – Stray Cat Film Center
  • 10/23: Scream – Screenland
  • 10/24: The Guest – Tapcade
  • 10/25: The Exorcist (Director’s Cut) – Screenland
  • 10/25: Soul of the Demon – Alamo Drafthouse
  • 10/25: Girl on the Third Floor – Tapcade
  • 10/26: Freaks (1932) – Downbeat Coffee & Tea
  • 10/26: Carpenter Fest – Screenland
  • 10/27: The Craft – Screenland
  • 10/27: House on Haunted Hill – Tapcade
  • 10/27: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920, silent with live score) – Alamo Drafthouse
  • 10/27: The Bat Whispers – Stray Cat Film Center
  • 10/28: White Zombie – Tapcade
  • 10/29: Lake Mungo – Tapcade
  • 10/29 Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Alamo Drafthouse
  • 10/30: Trick’rTreat – Screenland
  • 10/30: Halloween (1978) – Alamo Drafthouse
  • 10/31: Halloween – Screenland
  • 10/31: Halloween III Season of the Witch – Tapcade

See also: Screenland’s Panic Fest in January!

What’s missing?

Did I miss a spooky Kansas City event or place? Give a shoutout and link in the comments section below!

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