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Best Music Gifts for Writers: Score a Hit for the Holidays

Readers often ask what inspires me to write my stories, what drives my characters, and how do I come up with all those fantasy names. My typical answer is rum. While I’m drinking my way to The New York Times Bestseller List, I also listen to a lot of movie scores. The music puts me in the right mood without any distracting lyrics. If I’m heroically writing at a coffee shop for everyone to notice, the music drowns out important conversations like, “I’ll never get this assignment done on time,” or, “should I text him again?” (Yes, you should text him and then shut up until he replies.)

Now that you’re in the holiday spirit, consider these music gift ideas for your favorite starving author. It’s a great way to show that you support their writing without actually having to read their novel. Below are some of my favorite go-to soundtracks for writing. While a lot of these are available through streaming services, your writing loved one will appreciate physical or digital copies. If their muse leads them to a scenic writing spot, chances are good there won’t be internet access. Below are some of the best gifts for writers.

Avatar by James Horner

He also composed Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which is my all time favorite soundtrack. Unfortunately, I can’t write to it. I watched the movie so many times growing up, I can picture scenes in my head when listening to it.

Avatar movie soundtrack cover, a gift idea for writers

Bicentennial Man by James Horner

Bicentennial Man music soundtrack cover, a gift idea for writers

Passengers by Thomas Newman

Cutest little movie about Stockholm syndrome ever.

Passengers movie soundtrack cover, a writer gift idea

Oblivion by M83

Oblivion movie soundtrack, a gift idea for writers

Unbreakable by James Newton Howard

Unbreakable movie soundtrack cover, a writer gift idea

Meet Joe Black by Thomas Newman

Every other song is happy, or sad. I cut out the happy songs when preparing to kill off a beloved character. I don’t cut out the sad songs.

Meet Joe Black movie soundtrack cover, a gift idea for writers

The Dark Knight Rises by Hans Zimmer

The Dark Knight Rises movie soundtrack cover, a writer gift idea

Man of Steel by Hans Zimmer

For those heroic writing sessions

Man of Steel movie soundtrack cover, a gift idea for writers

Wonder Woman by Rupert Gregson-Williams

Also available on vinyl. I’d recommend digital or hold out for 8-track tape.

Wonder Woman movie soundtrack cover, from KC Geeks movie soundtrack gift guide

Star Trek 2009 by Michael Giacchino

There are a lot of great scores out there by Giacchino worth checking out, this is the one I listen to most.

Star Trek 2009 movie soundtrack cover, from KC Geeks movie soundtrack gift guide

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Vol. 1 by Daniel Pemberton

One of the reasons I loved the Netflix series so much is this soundtrack.

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance TV soundtrack cover, a writer gift idea from KC Geeks

Lost in Space by Christopher Lennertz

I drunk-tweeted Mr. Lennertz one night to tell him how much I enjoyed this soundtrack. Even if the tweet didn’t make much sense, he replied with a polite ‘thank you.’

Lost in Space TV soundtrack cover, an idea for what gift to get a writer

Cloud Atlas by Various Artists

Cloud Atlas movie soundtrack cover, a gift to give a writer

Game of Thrones by Ramin Djawdi

Game of Thrones TV soundtrack cover, a top TV soundtrack in 2019

Darkest Hour by Dario Marianelli & Víkingur Ólafsson

Darkest Hour movie soundtrack cover, best movie soundtrack gift idea

Princess Mononoke: Symphonic Suite by Joe Hisaishi

Princess Mononoke movie sountrack cover, what to give a writer

How to Train Your Dragon by John Powell

How to Train Your Dragon movie soundtrack cover, a writer gift idea

Battlestar Galactica by Richard Gibbs

Apparently this is a collector’s item now because it’s selling for $44 on Amazon. Just for the holidays, message me and you can purchase my copy for $43.

Battlestar Galactica 2005 reboot TV soundtrack cover, a music gift idea

Serenity by David Newman

One big damn soundtrack. 😉

Serenity movie soundtrack cover, a music gift idea

Firefly by Greg Edmonson

I’m also selling tickets to alternate dimensions where they have seven full seasons of Firefly. Tickets also $43.

Firefly TV soundtrack cover, what to listen to while writing

Barry White Gold Disc 1 and 2

This is for when they’re done writing. Related MUST SEE: Ally McBeal Barry White Bathroom Dance

Barry White Gold album cover

These are just some of my favorites. If you aren’t sure which one is a good fit, most of them have samples you can listen to on Amazon. Be sure to come back next year to see the list of songs I can’t stand – the perfect gift for writers you hate.

Happy Holidays!

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