Brick It On! LEGOLAND Adult Night Recap


Were you one of millions who played with LEGOs when you were a kid? And/or with your own kids? Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – there’s a way to avoid the dreaded just-stepped-on-a-LEGO-in-the-dark-of-night… it’s called Adult Night at LEGOLAND Kansas City Discovery Center! My husband and I went to March’s “Brick Madness” event, and I thought I’d share a recap with you.

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My husband was a giant LEGO nerd growing up, and made sure pass the love along to our kids. But now that our kids are basically grown, most of our LEGO collection is sitting in buckets in our garage. But I know that LEGO love still beats in my husband’s heart. So when I heard that LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City has a monthly Adult Night, I got us tickets for a Date Night on the town. Because that’s how we geeks do Date Night.

We weren’t really sure what to expect – the description on the website said the theme of the night was “Brick Madness” and that there would be games and trivia, and no kids. In fact, you must be 18+ to attend. But beyond that, it didn’t give much more of an idea. Our kids were older when LEGOLAND opened in KC, so we hadn’t ever even been inside. Adventure time for us!

When we got there, we were actually the first ones there, so we strolled around the store for a while before the LEGOLAND doors opened. We have a rather lengthy wishlist now, including a Death Star, Hogwarts Castle, and various Doctor Who kits.

When the doors opened, we and the other guests gathered in a little waiting room which was filled with fun giant LEGO minifigs and scenes. We were surprised that maybe 15-20 people joined us – we expected it to be packed. But I’m guessing a lot of people just don’t know about the availability of Adult Night at LEGOLAND Kansas City. Hence, this post!

Once we left the lobby waiting room, we were released upon LEGOLAND. We could immediately imagine it full of jubilant, yelling, running kids — and were a little glad for some not-that to enjoy the center for the first time.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City is essentially a large winding room, with alcoves for different activities. We walked around just to see what all was available before digging into the fun. Not all areas were open, but here are some we enjoyed:

  • a race car build & test area, where you could design and build your own race car, then race it against others on a couple different tracks
  • a mosaic area, where you could create any image you could imagine to add to this sort of tile wall quilt they had. The geek in me immediately noticed the pokeball and upside-down-hanging Spiderman.
  • an amusement park type ride called Kingdom Quest – you ride in a little cart and shoot at various targets. We liked it so much we rode it twice. Let it be known I won the first time.
  • Merlin’s Apprentice Ride – which reminded me of the Octopus at Worlds of Fun.
  • MINILAND features multiple recreations of different Kansas City sites, like the Plaza, Starlight Theater, and Sporting KC arena, as well as a very impressive Land of Oz. They were all so detailed!

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Things we did not partake of:

  • an “adult beverage” cash bar cart, which looked like it offered beer and house wine, neither of which really interested us.
  • a concessions stand
  • the actual “Brick Madness” activities – when we got there, we realized the night’s theme was a play on March Madness, and encouraged attendees to fill out brackets, shoot hoops, and other sports-inspired activities. Not really our thing, so we just did what we wanted in the Center.
  • sadly, the 4D cinema was closed – we love the LEGO movies, and were curious what this “new adventure” was like.

Overall, we had a BLAST at the event. It was such fun to go do kid things in an adults-only environment, and a nice change from the usual dinner-and-a-movie Date Night. Two minifig hook-like hands way up, and definitely recommended!

FYI – this is NOT a sponsored post. I learned about the event through my own geeky research, and bought our tickets. I thought other Kansas City geeks might like to hear about a fun Date Night option, and what it entailed. The post, however, does contain affiliate links, and I appreciate your no-cost-to-you support!

SO – have you been to Adult Night at LEGOLAND Kansas City, or have you just been with kids? What was your favorite part? Leave a comment below and share the LEGO love!


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