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As I’ve mentioned, I’ve dabbled in podcasting, and loved being able to just chat about topics close to my heart, offering my perspective on news and happenings in my industry and community, based on my insider experience. Kitty and Mick of “A Gal & A Gay” also offer their insider insights with their pop culture podcast. Read on!

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What is the name of your podcast?        

A Gal and a Gay

What is your name and what is your role in the podcast?            

My name is Kat. I go by Kitty on the pod cast. My co-host is Mitch, who goes by Mick on the podcast. We both host/produce and edit the podcast.

How would you describe your podcast? Who is your audience?

It’s really just two friends having a conversation about things they love, which is pop culture! That means everything from TV to movies, to podcasts and viral videos. I think our audience is anyone who is interested in pop culture and geeky things.

When was the podcast launched?          

January 2014

What made you want to launch the podcast?    

We’ve both worked in local media for years, and have always wanted to do an entertainment-based type of show. We discovered podcasting was the easiest way for us to do it! It gives us complete control and the freedom to talk about whatever we want and we love it.

How often do you publish shows?          

We aim for once a week.

What do you discuss in your shows?      

We talk about everything pop culture. What TV shows and movies we love; to what we are looking forward to. We usually do a rundown of the latest production/casting news related to tv and movies. But we talk about everything that interests us. We also like to discuss theories about our favorite shows or movies.

How long are your shows?         

45 mins to 1 hour, give or take. Sometimes a little longer, depending on the topic.

What makes your show unique?           

Since we work in media, we are lucky enough to get access to things most people don’t. Movie screenings and interviews with celebrities. We’re able to see a movie ahead of time and give our honest opinion of it. We don’t like to think of ourselves as “movie critics”, because we are just movie fans. We always try to find something good about the movie, no matter how terrible it may be. We hope that helps our audience when deciding if they want to see it or not. We’re also really great friends and have been for years, so I think that chemistry helps our podcast become fun and not boring. What I love about this podcast is that we just go with it. There is no script. We have an idea of what we are going to talk about, but we just role with whatever happens. We rarely edit anything out, so when we mess up or say something stupid, it generally stays in. We like to keep it real, I guess.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in your show. 

Mick is lucky enough to get to interview some major celebrities from time to time, which we get to focus on our podcast. We’ve had an interview with Julia Roberts and Russell Crowe. We also try to do interviews with local filmmakers or media professionals. We also really love TV, so we always do podcasts when the Up Fronts come out. We like to guess which shows will do well, and will not. It’s always fun. And I think our show really shines when we are just being ourselves and having fun.

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?           

We both enjoy The Nerdist and Serial. We’ve both been listening to Lore a lot lately. We love the storytelling and the short episodes. It’s fun to listen to. Mick is really into Rebel Force Radio, and I really like listening to tv show-based fan podcasts, like “The Watching Dead” from the guys at Bald Move. It’s fun to hear other fans’ perspective on shows that I like.

What future plans lay ahead for your show?      

We would love to get some sponsors! We both have full-time jobs, so right now this is just a hobby. If we could podcast full-time, it would be a dream. We also want to produce more podcasts and specials, focusing on one topic (example: The Oscars). We’ve done this in the past, but we just don’t always have the time.

Where can someone find more information about your podcast?

Anything else you’d like to share?           

Mitch and I have been friends for years. We met while working at a local tv news station in Topeka, KS and instantly clicked. He no longer works in local tv news, but has his own production company. I work for a local tv station as a news producer. We think that gives us an edge, because we kind of have insight into the world of media. We love pop culture and we often drink wine while we podcast. You can definitely tell when we do. It’s just a lot of fun and we are thrilled to be featured on KCgeeks.com. We are both geeks about different things, and we love that there is a group embracing all things that are geeky!


Editor’s note: You can hear Kitty and Mick interview me on Episode 118 of their show: A Gal & A Gay.

Do you listen to any pop culture podcasts, or know any podcasts based in KC we should feature? Share the link in the comments below!

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