2016: The Year of the Geek + Kansas City movie fun

Deadpool, Batman V. Superman, Captain America: Civil War, The Flash, Arrow…there’s a lot to love about being a geek this year. Between movies and TV, there’s something to experience pretty much every month this year, and it’s a beautiful thing. Find out what geeky goodness is in store for 2016!

My husband often puts together large group gatherings to see the bigger movies, like the Hobbit, Star Wars, and Star Trek. For “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” we actually had a group of 26, and took up most of two rows. We often see movies at Alamo Drafthouse in the Power & Light District, or the Olathe Fork & Screen, because who can turn down great flicks, plus drinks and food? We also love the fun short videos and clips they show at Alamo – makes the wait fun if you get there early.

The Alamo also offers “Signature Series” events featuring older movies, sometimes with quote-along subtitles and swag items. We’ve seen “Serenity” at one of those events and it was a lot of fun. Last month they also had a Miyazaki series featuring Studio Ghibli flicks. So sign up for their newsletter to watch for future events of interest to movie-lovers and geeks.A lot

I thought about listing all the geek movies and TV shows coming out this year, but remembered my husband already did that on his blog, so I’ll just link you over there:
2016 Movie Nerdgasm
2016 Nerdgasm Part 2: Television

What movies and/or shows are you watching or looking forward to this year? What Kansas City theaters do you prefer for your geeking out? Share with other KC geeks with a comment below!

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